Welcome to Annotations for All.

This project is funded by the NSF and led by GrammaTech, in order to improve the safety of code we all depend on. The success of this project depends on the brainpower, creativity, and contributions of people in the world of software development.

Why is this important? Software needs to be safer and more secure. It is increasingly clear just how vulnerable software is. Front page headlines continue to point to failures, and often, the vulnerabilities behind these failures lie in shared libraries, many of which are open-source.

Annotations for All hopes to take a step in solving this problem. We are aggregating annotated versions of commonly used libraries, so static analysis tools can do a better job of checking them. We are also improving the analysis tools themselves, to better aid in checking the intent of software.

If you are a developer with experience writing code, the power to improve the safety of these libraries lies within you. Become a contributor today.